Life Story

It is June and the garden is a riot of colour, Michou surveys the scene.
It is June and the garden is a riot of colour, Michou surveys the scene.

My name is Daphne.  I wanted to call my blog Daphne’s Garden, but that name was taken, so I have called it Michou’s Garden.  I am posting here a painting I did of the garden and Michou.  I do all the work in the garden and Michou just supervises.

One of the aims of my blog is to create some publicity for my book, which is my life story and is called  “(…..till I end my song)  –  What Took You So Long  –  a story of self realisation.”

I started my life in Nice, France and have ended it here in Bath, Somerset, with different places in between.

What is it shapes a life? –  the place we live in, the people we meet?  I have a theory that every single person we meet from babyhood onwards has left their imprint upon us.  I have had a rather unusual life and met some pretty unusual people.  I had a rather shaky start in life, and I hope my story will bring inspiration to others.

It will also be the place where I publish some reflections on life, bits of writing I have done, show photos, and whatever else comes to mind.  I am also hoping to do some podcasts in which I will be reading brief extracts from my book.

When I retired I started to paint, I learnt how to sing and found that I had a voice, and now I am writing.  Who knows what I will do next?!

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